Stanford Men's Golf Club

Time to Renew for 2022


Step 1:  To Renew your Membership, you must be signed in to  SIGN IN using your email and password at the top right.  


Step 2:  After you click on the renewal link [Pay Your Dues] you will first be asked to choose your Membership Program by clicking on "Add to Cart".  Here are your Options: 


              Regular Membership                              $135.00             

   Eligible for all Events

   Students, Fac/Staff/Alum/GC Members  

Handicap Only Membership                   $  80.00

   Not Eligible for any Events  

Legacy Men’s Club Membership             $  80.00

   Over 70 with very Limited Eligibility

Junior Membership                               $  80.00

   Ends on 18th Birthday

Stanford Student Membership             $  55.00

   Stanford Students


Step 3:  Click on your Cart and enter your credit card information to complete your Renewal. 


If you have any questions, please email  


Thank you!

The Stanford Men's Golf Club Board